Mission objectives completed out of order brakes mission


It seems that if you happen to complete a mission objective out of order, it completely brakes the mission which makes it impossible to complete. This has happened to me about 5 times by accident while just exploring. Be careful.


This is very annoying, since the “invite only” setting doesn’t work in multiplayer, so whoever can join your game and spawn in a safe house -> complete a mission -> brake everything.

I’ve completed all missions that I have received, but now I’m in a situation, that 6 missions do not appear to me at all, and one relay beacon isn’t appearing also.

The 6 missions that I can’t get are:
Behind the Curtain
The Enemy of My Enemy
Gas Run
Exchange Student
Total Defense

All other missions are completed in the log, all collectables are collected.

The map shows that I have 0/1 missions at Iboholmen Castle, but I’m pretty sure it’s all done, since I can’t find any missions.

And the same in the F23 Överby Air Base, missions 0/1, but there’s nothing there.

And the missing relay beacon is at Skinnarbol, there just isn’t one, at one point there was “flickering light” in the air on the yard that looked a bit like a relay beacon, but nothing happened after shooting it, and it hasn’t appeared anymore… I’ve gone through the whole map, but nothing…