Mission/quest log spoiled

Platform: PC

Description: Playing Multiplayer (as host) with two others. All the Missions (no matter if we’ve found them in game or not) in the game show up in the log from the very start, spoiling all the available quests in the game.

Steps To Reproduce: This is constant. Happens every time we play.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Host+2 Clients

Specifications: PC, Win7, i7, RTX2060

Hey Nemesis could you provide more details? Have any of the players in the session completed the game played it? Has the host finished the game or was the host at the point of where the logs were at?

No, none of the players have completed the game or even played the game solo. We started out together from day 1.

We had the same issue … for ut is seemed to happen when there was a mission update while we where trying to do the castle thing … suddenly we just did hear a russian voice … “spoiler spoiler not saying” saying something and suddenly all missions all PIO’s and so on showed up on the map and mission log.

I was the client a friend was the host … and it happent on his site .

Though it seemed when he joined another friend that just started the game and later joined his own game again it seemed to has fixed it self for him suddenly … no idea how though but he had all PIOs at least when he joined another friend.

thats all the data i have about it

Me and my friend had the same exact problem.

I played the game solo up to the first warboard. Then my friend bought the game and we started to play co-op, he was the host ('cause apparently if I’m the host, he would have to continue the game from my last spot -.-) and I was the client.

We played co-op approx. until the same spot that I left my character solo. Then we stopped, agreed that we’d continue tomorrow. I wanted to continue solo this morning. Opened the game, chose the first made character and went into game. Immediately after entering the game, several messages appear on the top-left corner, I check my log and (apparently?) all of the quests are there with the descriptions. Pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. Now I’m unable to continue the game where I left off with my solo play. Any ideas?

EDIT: I Also can see the locations I know i’m not supposed to see, but I can’t fast travel to them. Don’t necessarily even want to but I also wouldn’t want the locations to be revealed.

EDIT pt.2: Made a new character, it also has every quest available in its log.