Mission "Science of Deduction" - can't find keys

OK, I’m at the FOA Facility, found the locked blast door, checked the computer and one answering machine and now I’m searching for a white Bjork with keys on the front seat.

Found two white Bjorks, but non of them had any keys inside.

Where are they?

If it’s what I’m thinking in a carpark about 100 metres away by a red shed few other cars in carpark too…!!if there runners near there pull them to gates keep them locked just kill through fence

It’s not at an obvious location. Took me and my friend a while to find the key as well.

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OK, it appears that I missed one room inside the largest building. In it were some documents, and after picking them up keys magically revealed themselves on a dashboard of a car, that I searched like 10 times already :crazy_face:

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Couldn’t find the key either, i searched in every single car standing there at the carpark. But okay, i will try that thing with those documents and see if it works. If not i have to wait for the fix and continue with other missions.

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