Mission structure

Missions in this game have a very boring structure with little replayability, the game is insanely fun but having to wait for robots to fight and running around everywhere waiting to fight something can get tedious. I’d like to see missions that are in normally closed off areas where you start them, get directed in to complete objectives, then get directed out to complete the mission. This would be super fun and considering the weapons you normally grind for come from rivals this wouldn’t even be a gamebreaking farm or anything. It would be nice to see, and would work supremely well with bunkers

What you described above is like 99% of FPS games out there… linear, with scripted events that are triggered at certain points.

Try reading all that stuff that you can find in the LOG - notes, newspaper articles, answering machine messages.
This is a completely different way of story telling.

I’m not talking about the story, I’m talking about fighting robots, the story telling is fine, but I like having to fight things. Having a game that is similar to other games isn’t a bad thing, and you can still play it nearly the exact same way, but missions are more straight forward and less confusing

Or in simple terms, you’d want more spoon feeding, right?

GZ isn’t your average FPS that spoon feeds you through the game. Here, you actually have to think for yourself, unless you enable POI icons from game settings.

Having carbon copies IS a bad thing since that results in boring games.
Good example would be FIFA series. While new game is released each year, they all are still about football (or depending where you live, soccer).

GZ is more about exploration and guerilla warfare rather than run and gun. For the latter, there are other games out there, e.g action packed Doom: Eternal.


The game has zero replay for a character, and mission structure is confusing, often leading you to go to missions that aren’t being tracked, unless you mark the mission, which defeats the point. The game’s missions can’t be replayed disabling the potential to go at the same situation in multiple ways, and you can still have geurilla combat with linear mission structure, like far cry 4, and taking things from other games doesn’t create clones unless you completely copy it. And you can still explore a world with linear missions, like far cry 4, or the division 2, but a lot doesn’t necessarily need to change, but I’d like something akin to a stronghold where you can run through and replay a challenging activity.

Kind of hard to follow your point, but if you speak of linearity I’ll go along you with one thing: the first time I played, I was super confused. Once I reached the mainland, I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO GO! Being a completionist, I’ve spent my very first walkthrough crossing my fingers that I wasn’t finishing the game too early. I had no idea if there was a specific order to follow.I think that’s what you mean by linearity and “missions in closed off areas”. I think the way things are is fine, but the prompt could be made more clear. Like for instance, each time you finish a mission, you get the debrief. So many times I picked up the last item of a mission, which completed the mission, and to know what actually just happened I had to open the menu, go under the “log” tab, scroll all the way down to find the name of the mission, and go through what I picked up to know what’s up.

By missions in closed off areas I mean essentially strikes in destiny, and the missions are confusing to complete on an individual basis, I wish they were done one at a time until you were done, so they were more straight-forward

In GZ, you have a lot of freedom to decide what to do. And there is no set in stone mission order. (Note: the entire Archipelago region is one big tutorial.) Also, final set of main missions don’t unlock before you haven’t done prerequisite missions, so, there is no issue of completing the game early.

Many open-world games have parts of the map locked behind mission(s) and you can’t travel the whole map from the beginning when avoiding missions. No such restrictions in GZ.
After you’ve picked up your starter pistol (Möller) or even before that, if you want, you can completely avoid all missions and travel all across the map.

GZ tells it’s story two ways. One is without words, showing you what has happened (POIs). Other is missions. And missions won’t tell you everything at once either. Instead, with each mission, you’ll get another piece of the puzzle and it’s up to you (not up to game) to piece all pieces together to get the complete story.

I’m not saying all of the missions, i’m saying the missions themselves, I want the missions get objectives that are clearly put in front of you more so than they Already do, because it is already a huge undertaking just to figure out where you’re going

Enable POI icons from Game settings and also “Track” the mission you’re on.

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I do, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that it tracks every other mission at the same time and tracking a mission only means you see what objective you’re at for the mission, not where you’re going

You can have multiple missions (and side missions) being tracked at the same time. This is sometimes confusing. Although the game sometimes decides by itself which mission to track. If it is too confusing go into the LOG and turn off tracking of those missions that you do not want to be shown.

As for myself I’d rather have the freedom to the missions in my own way instead of following a dedicated path which would reduce the replayability (is this even a word? :sweat_smile:) quite significantly.

GZ always supported the freedom of choice, to do what you want instead of laying out a path on rails. This is why I’m already on my third playthrough :metal::grin:

There is a difference between passive and active tracking.

GZ and many other RPG-like games passively track all the missions (main and side) that you’ve gotten so far. That gives you freedom to choose which mission to do at your pleasure.

From Log menu, you can actively track one mission you have. And by doing that, mission gets POI icons that spoon feed you through it (e.g “go through this door”, “pick up this item”). Also, the next step/task is displayed on the top left corner, if you’ve enabled HUD icons.

If you travel to new area, e.g Forest, and open the Marden Command Bunker, then from it’s warboard, you’ll get 3 main missions at once. It doesn’t matter in which order you do those main missions. Once you’ve completed all three, this region is done main mission wise and you can move to next region.

Side missions, however, you have to locate from the world, by picking up item that triggers the side mission start. If you are 250m radius from side mission start item, your compass gets side mission icon on it, leading you towards it.

If you do not want that many unlocked missions at once, don’t pick up any side missions until you’ve done all main missions. And to know where to go, actively track the mission you want to do. Simple as that.

When you do a warboard you get both main and side missions, if i’m doing ONE mission, I don’t want EVERY single mission showing up in my compass when markers have a tendency to randomly appear and disappear

Only from Himfjäll warboard you’ll get side missions as well (5 of them). Other warboards don’t give side missions.

Alright, let’s start from square one. I know how to play the game, I would certainly hope I know with 100% completion, but this issue ALWAYS comes up when I’m going to level up other characters and I have to wander for a million years getting main missions leading me to clutter up my compass with a bunch of sidequests and main missions I’m not actively doing, and it’s annoying, but that wasn’t even the main point of the post.