Mission: Torsberga Fort

Hope you can help me with this one.

Looking for a mission, but can’t find it. Such a big structure.
Even looked in toilets and bathtubs :smile:

Buildings just south of your Waypoint, its a mission called ‘The Fallen’ iirc.

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Do you mean by this ‘6 o’clock’ , under my position? But that’s not the Fort…


Torsberga Fort (-4270, 4415)

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Thanks too! I’ll check that later this afternoon.

Ah, I finished the Fallen some time ago. This is a mission that could be found at the Fort?
Then I don’t have to search there anymore.

EDIT: this one should be here:

Use the laptop… but I can’t (no ‘E’ active).

Ah this one was one of my very first investigations about these machines and the resistance camp in archipelago or I had an assume that the rounds were coming from Torsberga Fort or as I call the naval defense bunker (#1) with its Navy cannons firing at ships and aircraft. but the fact that the shells that were fired were bigger than those of the base so I completed my investigation and told my self I will get to the bottom of the shell that hit the resistance camp