Missions in Norra Saltholmen? Other general feedback

Early warning, I am NOT bashing the game relentlessly and/or negatively, I’m extremely excited for this game. This is an honest opinion typed out the best I could.

I don’t know if I just don’t understand what’s happening or what but do some of these missions go past the bridge? On the map the tan outline goes beyond that big bridge to Norra Saltholmen. I still haven’t figured out the missions on Sodra yet as the descriptions and lack of UI makes it difficult.
I think I’ve actually obtained all weapon types except for what looked like an MP5 in the trailer. I thoroughly enjoy the gunplay, it’s no Escape From tarkov but it’s got a ton of potential and I really enjoy how the weapons feel, as well as the ammo variety.
The sprinting is kinda weird because you can sprint forever atm, which I know isn’t supposed to be a thing of course. I like the fast travel system because this little peninsula in the beta is already huge and makes questing really easy, please keep it. Speaking of fast traveling I also like the spacing on the safehouses and how they narratively make sense as far as location.
I would obviously love swimming to be in or boats or something. It makes sense that boats would be an issue because that’s how you ended up washed ashore to begin with, so I get that.
The way looting is, is also kinda weird in reference to the UI but it’s not unreasonable. Speaking of inventory I very much like the separation of the cosmetics and actual items, that was totally unexpected.
Other than the vagueness of quests and lack of actual tracking and stuff the quests are dope and make narrative sense so I really like that.
There’s a couple places (I’ve only run into it twice) that you fall through the world still and can’t fix it except by leaving the game to the main menu at least, but that’s an easy fix and just a nit pick.
I also would like to know how to go further into the bunker at the Saltholmen Port since I know there’s a way but I’ve only seen one post about it and it wasn’t clear at all.
Also the lack of a control scheme caused some personal issues when I first started the game but I figured it out pretty quickly so not too worried about that either.
I think I’ve ever covered everything, if not pretty close. Overall the beta is amazing, feels really good and smooth mostly. Keep it up the great work, I cannot wait for the full release and the new content.


The closed beta only goes to the bridge, the outline is just a ‘‘region’’ of the map. Some of the quests you just can’t quite finish yet. I guess they’re just little spoilers for the actual game?

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I’ve been in every house, hut and shelter. Either marked on the map or not. But I didn’t found a way to enter the naval port bunker. So I’m curious how to enter that.

Abound the boundaries of the beta.
It seems there is a gap between the prompt message in the beginning telling you that beta-content is the whole starting area white bordered and the real beta which ends actual behind the big blocked bridge and the slaughtered military camp at the bottle-neck.

Port bunker is inaccessible…they only let you in part way but it is locked
The main bunker that is endgame also has one locked door…does anyone know of how to get through or is that locked as well due to it being a beta

I didn’t know there was a fast travelling system!!!

This game took me awhile to hike back and forth, LOL! I thought your post has great feedback and I don’t take is as “bashing.” You highlighted some of the experiences I didn’t mention or couldn’t put down in words so thanks for your input!

I am looking forward to this game as well. Seeing someone else’s game play or reading about their experiences gets me more excited about updates and a final release!

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There’s a way to get through, you jump on the canisters to the right, up on the shelf just right of the door, then in a certain position you can go through the wall, all the way to behind that door, and then you drop down.

So yes, there’s a way through but it’s a glitch.