--Missions Reset--

Hi GZ, and first of all thank you for making an awesome game!

But one thing i would like to see, is a reset of missions.

When i create a new char. the missions is not reset. Why?

Every other game have this by default.

I want to create a new char. and play all the missions again.
Do i really have to delete my save and loose everything i spend so many hours, days, weeks on?

Or at least an option to restart a mission on demand.

Again, thanks so much for an awesome game!


I have been asking for this since 2019.
It would make the game more interesting, the ability to repeat missions.


Don’t have too much to add, but I agree with both of you. Since we already have repeatable missions in the form of Base Defenses and Assaults, they could probably make the regular missions repeatable as well, right?


Totally agree after the morning routine of killing and scavenging it would be nice to chill in the afternoon and repeat some missions.


@VladTheInhaler Indeed it would improve things.
And it would cost them less and spare the time of doing new missions with new dialogues.

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It would also be nice if they could make the list with finished missions have the last completed mission highest on the list.

In missions where the objective is to find information/intel and you find the last piece the mission is completed and then it sort of “disappears” in the list, by that I mean it ends up somewhere and forces you to spend a lot of timing scrolling thru the list trying to find it (if you even remember the mission name) to check what the information/intel said.

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