Missions vanished after multiplayer game

Platform: PC Xbox Gamepass Ultimate
I was a client of an Xbox One X host. There were two players total in-game.

I joined a game with a friend. We played a couple of hours last night and today I logged into my single-player game and all the missions main and side missions I had were gone from the mission list except for one. The only side mission I had was one that we picked up last night. I was the one that added the mission in his game. I have been able to go back to original side mission locations and added them back into my game except for one. I can’t remember the original location of the side mission I am missing or the name of it.

Update: It happened again but I made sure not to manually activate a mission in the host game as a client. However, we entered a region and it added a Warboard Collectible mission. I logged out of the multiplayer mission and logged into the single-player mission and all my missions were gone except for the newly acquired Warboard mission. It seems to have something to do with gaining new missions while a client since those are the missions that carry over into the single-player game.