Missions where find ALL?

Where i Can make missions that arent in The map for me ?
Just look everthing in ALL game map?

The map only shows what you have done, but not what you need to do unless you are tracking a mission. To track a mission you need to look in “LOG” click on missions and pick one. If you did it correctly, it will state “tracking” at the bottom and a red or blue diamond will show on your HUD (heads up display) then you will see a red or blue diamond on your map display.

If you are asking about to see everything on the map then ALL is correct.

But to be honest, I don’t understand the question!

Basically you have to explore and discover every location. Every warboard.
On the map move you cursor/mouse over the icons, it will show if there are missions, collectables, weapons left to do.

You can also check what missions or side missions you are missing, and then it would be easier for us to help you find the missing ones. But that’s not how we did it because, there were no lists back then.

Have you done any of the two DLCs yet?

No, not yet. I have done ALL warboards but in some plaves I don’t make The missions. I Will upload one image to show