Mix tape (help to find)

Hi all,

I am missing one mix tape, which is the first tape on the fourth (last) row i.e. the bottom left hand corner. Does anyone know which this is/ where?

a link to the wiki like i did for the gnome

it should have the coordinates for the mix tapes if you know the one you are looking for

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Thanks - I got it now an the trophy too! :slight_smile:

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I have just found my last mixtapes following the guide link.

If you take a look at my collection you could use the tape colour to identify the related video sequence.


Nice - I got them all now. I just need to do empty spaces which is bugged for me, and a few easy things

I’m missing a schematic and a horse. You guys have links for those Lat/long locations?
Would have been done with horses But 2 places I was shown on YouTube horses where not there at the exact place. But some how managed to get 1 magically it said when i quick traveled to a safe house. Still missing the purples one and I think the 3 or 4th schematic

wiki also has other collectibles, weapons, mission info and more

check it out, some dedicated people worked hard making it for us

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