hi there, I am newbie in modding and only can replace few txtures in some game whit guides. So, can anybody mod this game on this drive already?

Would be great to be able add whatever, replace old guns, addnew guns,.new robots, new terrain (even make all europe 1:1 map sometime, huh?)
Devs can convert small (not too small now, but you understand) singlecoop game project to big community modding zone like other good game was (can I name side games here?). base on modding ways for this game well be able to mod other games on this drive and it can be cool too!

Hope moderator will replace this topic in proper category, if need it. Its not feedback or suggestion, its thread for modding guides.


All I know for now, is where options file locating.
YOUR DRIVE:\User\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves\delivery_Game_Beta\settings\your_ID

Some useful information about settings can be found here.


@Xogroroth @sin @tutu10 welcome to empty modding tutorial topic (temporary empty, I hope).


There is a mod at Nexus called Generation Zero Refine, already quoted here by @Mr.NiceKai .
Maybe you would like to take a look or to contact the author.


I prefer to invite him to this forum, but he dont know me at all.


Modding is limited since the developers havent released their own dedicated modding tool.
You can use the modding tool DECA, but it limits your creativity.

For more info.