Moller PP bugged


I am playing on the Xbox One X and I happen to have found a rare sidearm (Blue 3 star) Moller PP. Anytime I switch weapons and try to switch back to my sidearm the game says I don’t have it slotted while going to my inventory it says I do have it slotted. I usually have to either switch ammo types OR equip another sidearm to get it to show on the (Y+Y) quick slot outside the inventory screen. Moller PP has been a lifesaver for me in most situations, but due to this bug… it has nearly got me killed because it would not show up in the quick slot menu like it’s suppose to. Something that doesn’t happen everytime is when this bug happens, I can’t select any other weapon in the quick slots either. Moller PP also vanishes when you get knocked down by a enemy Runner and the can’t select any weapon takes affect as well.


I have had this exact same issue with the blue tier Moller on a regular Ps4. I have found as a temporary fix that when it dissapears from the inventory quickly going to move it from the sidearm slot and then cancelling it will let it re appear again. However I found that when I would switch ammo types my entire HUD would dissappear and I can’t shoot weapons for a good 20sec until it reappears