Moller PP visual glitch



**Platform: PC

Major visual glitches with the Moller PP (starting sidearm) where it looks like a sparkler from the weapons muzzle

**Steps To Reproduce: single shot from the handgun in question (only seems to occur with nvidia’s new graphics driver which was released recently

**Images / Videos:

**Host or Client: Hosted (still occurs in client situations)

**Players in your game: Single Player (also occurs in multiplayer games)

intel i7-7700hq
Nvidia GTX1070 8GB GDDR5
OS: Windows 10 (latest patch)
graphics and audio drivers are up to date
stored on 1TB HDD so plenty of space
120hz 1920x1080 display


I would like to make this clear that this shouldn’t be marked as “working as intended” as the effect stays after a single shot, poor bug reviewing…


This actually could be a skin in destiny 2 (I think that this bug looks cool …).


Are you saying the gun flash stays still, just sitting in the air after you move away? If so it might be related to the issue that causes these artefacts and effects.


Hi pal,

Nah this ain’t a issue now this was back during the games launch, its been fixed now, what was happening was after a shot from the moller the muzzle flash animation effect would still play constantly from the muzzle even while moving around and would be there till you switched weapons, I got around this by using sound moderators (suppressors) on the moller but I tried it again recently and the issue has been fixed, it was just one of those weird quirks at the games launch