Molotov Cocktail


I think that molotovs is a weapon that should be in the game. Easy to manufacture, all ingredients availible in quantity. They worked well for the finns against soviet tanks so the should be able too do some damage against robots of the 80s.


No doubt about it. But we will need crafting stations. No need for blueprint, it is a low-tech stuff.


Or just add finished molotovs to the game. You don’t need too craft car batteries that are rigged as emp. You find them already rigged.


That’s a good idea :slight_smile:


Also i would like to see kasapanos (taped together hand granades) worked great for finns too :wink:


Absolutly. There are sticky flares so kasapanos should be in. Or at least single sticky grenades.


Well kasapanos is not a sticky explosive, i should have wrote satchel charge to describe it better.
It was developed to destroy soviet tanks, so i guess it could harm hunters or even tanks a little better than current explosives in the game?

I dont know if Swedes had something alike of the

Hafthohlladung , also known as the " Panzerknacker " (“Tank breaker”, German connotation “Safe cracker”) was a magnetically-adhered, [shaped charge]

hidden in their vast network of bunkers :wink:

I would like to see "sticky granades " like that in the game.


Most armies had a version comparable to the one used in Finland. In Sweden we had/have one. Called “buntladdning”. It’s made of I think 6 handgrenades.

But the kasapanos was a sticky one. To begin with. But it didn’t work well in cold weather so they skipped the sticky part probably before the war.

But we did have a panzerfaust during the cold war. Pansarskott m/68. And a more modern version Pansarskott m/86 (AT4 in the rest of the world) I miss them in the game. Lot of imventory for just one shot but should be more effective since they are anti tank. The grenadelauncher in the game uses allround grenades. And claymores for booby traps. A bit off topic but in Sweden there was a version for anti vehicle and anti personel. Still is but they changed the name since it’s illegal for anti personel mines.