Moped/Dirt Bike Issue?

Hey gang, anyone having issues with how slow the dirt bikes are? I can’t seem to get up really any inclined terrain with one. They suck gas like crazy and really arent that fast? What am I missing? Do they shift gears?

My bikes are fine. Which bike are you using? The moped can’t go up hills but the dirtbike can.

Yeah, the resistance built bike climbs, accelerates and handles rough terrain fairly well. It also goes a good way before needing gas. I have been having a lot of fun on mine, seeing what you can and cannot do on them. You can make it spin out side ways after bouncing off something and the motor spins up before the rear wheel hits again.

There is a nice video of @tene for this topic:

ok, my bikes DO NOT go that fast.

Dlc or the normal one?
The normal one is the slowest, dlc bikes get quite fast.

What does the speed says for each motorbike for you?

im lucky to get 25mph out of all of them. They won’t hill climb. I am clearly doing something wrong.