Mopping Up Challenges

Only 75% of my stats pulled over in the truth & resistance tab when the challenge update came, so not best impressed that 9 months of game play has not rolled over. However, no doubt there will be others in the same boat, and now completing the truth tab due to some glitched missions, I wanted to flag a few issues that still need to be addressed, as well as the work around until a proper fix is done.

  • To the Lighthouse
  • Law of the Land
  • Ruin of Many a Poor Man
  • The Spotter

To the Lighthouse prompt visually shows as tracked mission on map, but does not show in log as available to select. It can be manually pushed to unlock in the challenge menu by doing the quest manually, triggering the starting point and completing tasks. On arriving at location game prompts 2/1 Missions completed.

Law of the Land only loads 3 out of the 4 machines needed to progress the quest. Initially it loaded 9, then after chain explosion on the bridge - showed all apart from 1 who’s marker could be seen but no machine to kill leaving the mission in limbo at 3/4. I did manage to complete it by using another profile, and re-loading the mission. Again, only 3 loaded, but the additional 1 completed the task.

The Ruin of Many a Poor Man was tracking as 2/1 MIssions completed, but did not track on challenge menu. Again, manual activation allowed it to unlock.

The Spotter, again tracks 2/1 Missions completed - but does not unlock on challenge menu. Only once going into the mission start point manually does it push through and unlock.