More accessible types of buildings and visual storytelling


More types of accessible buildings I think is a reasonably important next step for the game, as it presents new exploring and looting opportunities. Also I believe visual storytelling in these buildings will make them more interesting to explore, piecing together the metaphorical puzzle pieces to figure out what happened there. Somewhat like the first house you go into in the beginning of the game. I’d like the visual storytelling in these specially buildings to be unique from each other, again, because it would make exploring them more interesting. Thanks :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree. I also think it would be great to have some robots able to enter the houses/buildings when trying to hunt you down.


The robots can already come inside buildings but most of the time its either ticks, runners, and glitched out hunters :joy:


He means more like them breaking down doors properly and whatnot, no glitch-stuff.


Also I believe some buildings should be destructible, depending on the type. So a small storage shed won’t be a very viable option anymore, because it could be blown up, forcing players to reassess their tactics and adapt to the situation. Because sheds are indestructible at this point in time, it makes some of the combat quite dull, because somehow wood has the bullet and explosion resistance of a 20 meter thick concrete wall.


Wow I just realized I had a typo on the original post. Oof. :stuck_out_tongue:


While this would be cool destructible sheds or houses would be very hard to do with the devs limited budget


Agreed, possibly in the future they could make it happen.


I think that is most possible for them to just make bullets piercing wooden doors and breaking all the windows .