More Adrenaline Please

Please make adrenaline appear a bit more often. I get the challenge but the other day and last week i trekked all the way up the mountain area died before getting to the bunker safehouse. I had one adrenaline used it then i died again inside the bunker lol had to walk all the back there twice. Please add more adrenaline. Fireworks and Flares appear sooo often please do so for adrenaline for newer players and such

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Well you could get the Survivor Specialization Perk from the Survival Tree line which acts like a free Adrenaline Shot once per battle. Otherwise I wish you the best of luck finding Adrenaline Shot.

This still works for those interested

as well alpine unrest seems to have a ton of adrenaline in the dead skiers and bodies

I’d be fine with more adrenaline dropping (though the current drop rate works OK for my play-style), but for the time being, maybe you could drop a field radio before walking into danger?


I am going to share a small tip, do you know those radios ? That serve as a fast travel? Well if you are playing alone and you are about to fight a difficult area, just activate one nearby, if you die you can fast travel there a couple of times and spare some adrenaline.
Note This obviously does not work if you are caught off your guard by a pack of hunters or runners.
Ups…Ennui already said it, my bad, sorry, well that`s it.

I use field radios, too. Always have one on me for a fight where I can see that I will die a lot. Adrenaline I mostly use only in co-op to save time for my buddies.

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Thanks for the field radio tip - didn’t know about that, I’ll try it. When playing co-op, it really sucks not to be able to revive a downed teammate, so more adrenaline would be especially great for co-op.