More guns and rocket


Can we please get more stackable rockets rather than just 4 and a p90 and a mini gun


Rockets: Well no… it would imbalance the game in your advantage.
P90: was not in use at the time.
Minigun: Not wieldable. Would also greatly imbalance the game in your favour. Would be awesome on Tanks and Harveys. these CAN use them!


I think the rocket stack sizes are fine for now… They were actually not stackable for a long time, so 4 is already a big step :smiley:
As for new guns, those are coming eventually, please be patient with that. The devs prioritize making the current content of the game better.


Let see if the changes in the May patch makes the Grantgevär better balanced together with all the other explosives in the game.


If like to see more damage to the .50 cal. Good range but very anemic in terms of damage output. Currently it’s about equivalent to the .270 in terms of damage and that’s just wrong. I’d take a reduction in and capacity (5 rounds without extended mag, 10 with gold mag) in trade-off for damage a little more in line with what that caliber should do.


Imho the .50 cal damage is fine, the rest should be balanced out to reality based on the .50 cal’s damage…


I’ve thought of this as well, but that would basically render the other 2 rifles pretty useless. Right now the 243 does low damage, which is fine. The .270 does a bit more, but should do even more by comparison. Although I’m fine with that differential gap. But the .50 does about the same as the 270. Like I said, I’d like the damage upped just a touch. This is a round that can punch a fist size hole into hardened steel at 1km. Why have it in the game if it performs like a regular civilian hunting rifle?

And regardless, ammo capacity should be reduced. It would be seriously overpowered with higher damage and current capacity.

In any case, I think most of the weapons in game could use balance. Right now they’re only working on explosive. Hopefully they make adjustments to the rest soon.

I’d also love to see smoke grenades / rounds actually do something other than blinding the people using it. They’re useless as they currently stand.


Well… as for me its fine. The gus in the game was the standard wepon in the swedish army at the time (-80s) AK 5 was new at that time and HP5 to.
What i do hope for are the medcit bag to be stackable. 3 “shots” are a bit little to give hp back if you are in a party with 3 ppl.


The machines should be frightening.
Hard to kill.
Right now they underperform…
IMHO that is.


I’m cool with them being more difficult, but would rather see that in terms of higher density of enemies in the world that have better movement vs giving them more hit points. Or in this case, weakening weapons to remove fewer HP, which has the same effect.

In any case, I think we can agree there needs to be some balancing.


I’d like to see something similar to Arnold’s M16 with grenade launcher, from the predator film, Or maybe a way of attaching a grenade launcher in the future, I only carry 4 weapons in game, rocket launcher, 50 cal,
Magnum, Automatgevär 5.