More guns/More robot types

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the details they put into there guns and that’s why I’m lusting more of them because of the time and detail they put into it such, as the ak when you pull the slide back mmmmmm!!! Also more ammo types

New robots please, i like horizon zero dawn because it had lots of robots and I saw gen zero and it looked like horizon. Even horizon dint have enough machines, I like that they have a few but if I’m ganna keep playing a month after I buy it…I gotta see more robots. Good game though

I suspect we’ll be seeing new enemy types in future updates, likely through DLC. But they’ve stated in the live streams that they won’t add new content until they have the current issues fixed, so I wouldn’t expect that anytime soon, as there are currently a ton of bugs to squash.

But who knows? They may surprise us.

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Can I say:
No more guns except an LMG 9the only TYPE we’re missing in this army typed game), and FAR more machines?
Not TOO many… few “10’000” should do. :slight_smile:

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