More Item Crafting

Does anyone else feel like there should be some more depth in crafting? I mean come on, the most you can do is put some padding on your legs to lower fire damage for example, I feel like we should be able to craft bullets, some basic weapon modifications and so forth with the required parts, that being said I feel as though we should be able to scrap any unwanted Items instead of just weapons, there is so much more potential for this, now I’m not saying put an ammunition crafting station in a barn in the middle of nowhere just because it’s a safehouse but maybe limit it to the more militaristic safehouses as to make it a bit more immersive, also I would love to see more vehicles in game, maybe a motorbike, speaking of vehicles please fix the bike speed, whenever I use it it always fluctuates between speeds for no reason, sometimes I could be just trying to go forward and I’m going 40 KM/H but as soon as I hit Shift I slow down to 25, it’s really annoying

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I do, sir.
I gave few ideas for crafting, like a “pet” (Machine NPC companion), a moveable base instead of safe houses, …

I’m sure there will come more… :slight_smile:

Well, there’s bullets everywhere. Why craft them?

I’m an ex Royal Marine. I’d be pushed to successfully modify a weapon. Now imagine (as you must) that you are an 18 year old teenager. When the Spitfire was fitted with the 20mm Hispano Cannon, the damned thing jammed because the springs inside the magazines weren’t strong enough to push up the bullets against the g-forces of a turn. They had the whole factory of ammunition experts working on it, and it still didn’t work properly. And your Swedish teenager could do better?

I’ve seen games where you could “craft” an electricty generator from first principles (first - find your steel.) Don’t be silly!

I think this would be a perfect weapon for the F35 Platform?

Note: sarcasm here, for the record.

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