More lag from soviets

ive been encountered that soviets and swedish robots causing lags because the ammount of stuff is going on. generation zero hasnt lagged alot when soviets werent introduced. the only way i can see that fixes problem decently is soviets should not attack eachother very frequent.

my game gets slowed down very frequent from soviets and swedish robots.
from this week i have encountered 34-44 battles and 28-37 battles was causing lag and the game being slowed down.

when i saw the trailer of new robots coming in (soviets) i was excited for harder battles. but no it wasnt harder, it was made it easier somehow.
how did the game got easier from that point? well its simple enough for me. soviets shoots at the target depending which one shot at it, and that is teenager and swedish. if swedissh deals damage to an wolf. the wolf will target swedish now if taken enough damage from them.

its so annoying when you don’t want to fight! I don’t want to join a big combat area but it still slows down my game if nearby from combat. and the thing is about that big combat areas are frequent! the game is pretty much turning into slow motion game where it becomes super easy difficulty on guerilla! every time when the game slows down it makes alot easier to aim and gives more time to react when the robots start shooting!

most people were also complaining about game slowing down. and this is another one of problems for the game being slowed down. even if i use weak characters that doesnt cause lag from the character. it still slows down. its pretty much becoming critical point where developers cant improve the game even further and maybe they should fix all the bugs to atleast make generation zero playble.

platform: xbox one

host or not: happens both but multiplayer is way worse from lag.

gear: strong or weak characters is the same lag.

when: its been getting worse and worse from every update they add on this year.

reproduce: it pretty much happens whenever.

do you think the game will slow down even further from more updates?
  • yes game will lag more
  • no the game will not go worse
  • maybe it will get worse
  • maybe it will not get worse
  • dont know
  • I don’t understand the problem

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It depends extremely on the used system.
For me on PS5 it runs smooth all the time.
There are just some crashes on the battlefield north of ring fort.

Reading many reports I come to the conclusion, that most issues with that are on:

  1. Xbox One
  2. Playstation 4
  3. Xbox Series
  4. PC (depending on system configuration and settings)

All of them, except Playstation 4 (like Playstation 5) use up to 60fps. I don’t know, maybe PC even higher, if possible.

The reported issue often is not that the game runs too slow, but with noticeable slowdowns. So if you’re used to play in 60fps, but the fps actually vary very often, it leaves a bad taste.

Maybe it could help to give “us” an option to select a static fps of 30 for a stable framerate (or a slider for 30 to 60). At least for all but us Playstation users… I guess we’ll play GZ always in 30fps.

Nevertheless, future optimisations and improvements are at least necessary to have the game being able to be run on the last gen consoles/pc hardware.
And I think that bugfixing is one major part of this process.