More locked houses

Almost every home i visited was open.
I mean, not that houses, what have open entrance door. (visually)
I mean, houses which door was closed (visually), but i still can easy open it without unlocking it with lockpick.
I understan panic, evacuation and all other. But at least make some houses door locked. Some houses here and there.
Not all people panic and leave they home without locking it at all.

More realistic gameplay.

This might be hard to believe but a lot of people did not completely lock there houses in rural Sweden in the 80´s. I grew up in small-town Sweden back then and just about everyone i knew had at least one entry door unlocked (usually the back- or side- door) in case of emergency and break-ins was extremely rare. I get your point and agree somewhat with it, but im just saying that it is actually not as unrealistic as you might think :slight_smile: