More map filters (rivals, workbenches)

At the moment I don’t use the filters for the map because they lack the filters I would use.

Since rivals roam the whole island of Östertörn it sometimes is hard to find the rival for a region. E.g. since I killed a rival from the forest region who roamed the mountain region the forest region dropped to level 1(!) although there were still 4 rivals associated with the forest region. I decided to kill the remaining 4 rivals but the forest region was devoid of rivals. So I had to look through almost every rival profile on the map to look for the run aways. I don’t mind the rivals roaming the whole area (although they really like to clumb together). But looking for a certain rival (region, type, level) would be highly improved with a filter option.

Then there are different workbenches (recycling, clothing, ammo etc.). Since not every safehouse has all the workbenches it would be nice to have a filter option to show safehouses with (or without for any reason) a certain type of workbench. Surely I could travel always to Mullvadsberget or Boo but I like to stay close to area I was before.