More new machines?

Now, I’ve been requesting this for a long time, more and different machines.
Ranging from automated tanks with cannons to SAR (Kill Command, DO go see it, brilliant movie “about GZ in a possible near future”).

We have now 3 machine types (NOT including Ticks (because, silly much underpowered, nigh useless) or Harvesters (Not exactly combat type, are they, thought they CAN pack a punch if you do not look out), and one on the way in the coming DLC.

Seeing from the point of story, and thus the game, only 3(4) machine types probably were not capable of erasing the army as it did.
Surely, Tick did not kill the army tanks.
Well, unless I missed something there, of course.
Little buggers might have well entered them sneakily and went poof inside.
Then again, seeing they hardly harm a person… there were like a thousand to kill a tank…
I can’t see 1000 Tickies sneak themselves into a tank. :s

Gunner doggies (Runners) too probably did not take them down, same reason, damage shortage even towards players.
Missile doggies then… not sure whether they pack the punch to duke out a tank, but these are nasty to players (DARN good thing right there, these about are the only ones I truly respect, nasty buggers for sure).
Hunters: Naughty, relentless once they spot you… but able to tackle a tank?
I have my sincere doubts.
Tanks then… (the bipod versions, not the tracked ones), well…
They seem to be able to get a tank down, one would say, until you notice that, with luck, you can survive 4 missiles.
These tanks were probably original meant for rabbit hunting or so, as you end up with a well done baked rabbit, but as far as killing people, well…
So, tackling a tank is also not their forte, I would assume.

This brings us back to the mystery: what, or how, did they manage to erase the army.

You, a schoolboy teen, wake up near a house, where you find a weapon that should -quality wise- either just not function, or that should blow up trying to.
Dilapidated simply means: horrible shape.
But yet, you manage to even kill tanks with the darned thing, if the need arises.
And some even pulled it off…

That aside: back to the question, what, or how did they (the machines, obviously, not the rabbits) pull this off?

3 possible explanations:

  1. The Swedish army is just that extremely bad. Now… this seems quite not the thing…
  2. The machines had support from other type machines. This seems quite very probable.
  3. The machines became all horribly damaged just after the assault. Hmmm… well, it is not impossible, but how big would these odds be.
    (If I missed one, please do tell me… writing as always on the fly here).

2 seems the most likely option.
Now, as said, we get a new machine type, and even a complete new class (the Apocalypse Class) for the machines (Oh please, God, I beg you… not AGAIN the same machine AI with just more armour AGAIN slapped onto it, but an actual FEARSOME class, AI wise (increased response time (notice = react), fire on the move, stuff like that)) which will, I hope, bring more realism to the story, thus the army being erased.

I already had offered a ton of ideas in this regard (both graphical as well as textual ideas, like burrowers and the likes), which received many approval.

So, like my previous post about machines following indoors, I’m going to create a poll here.
If the pro’s outweigh the cons, I will turn this into an actual request.

It will NOT stop here!
I have another task for you:
This was the post I referred too: [SUGGESTION]New enemy types - Remade
Please read it (if you are PRO, no use if you are CON, right?), and tell me which 5 machines you would like to see.
IF one type was not mentioned that you would like to see still?
Then suggest it.

If we get more Pro than Con, I will make this a formal request, with the 5 most liked enemy weapon platforms liked by you, folks.

Those that go CON: please elaborate as to why you do not like this idea.
Thank you.

I’ll go first:
Choice: Pro
Reason/motivation: sheer (game/Story) logic. (See above for motivation)
Preferred new machines: Abstain.
Reason/motivation: I love them all, I do not have a personal preference, if it was up to me… but it ain’t, it’s up to YOU, my friends. :wink:

Enjoy this one…


I am voting for a HUGE bug fix/quality of life service pack before we get any more changes to broader game content or game mechanics.


@pegnose @Ennui

Thank you for replaying.
Noted down. :slight_smile:

Would you be so kind, as to elaborate on which bugs they “should be working”?
In the order as you see fit?
No need, but i am very keen on seeing your ideas on what bugs in which order?
Should you do it, there’s no right or wrong in this topic, btw…
Just so we are clear. :wink:

Oops, wrong topic, lol, for the latter question.

I am not the judge of any order, because these issues bug every player differently. I’d go with the list of things first that have been posted under “Bug reports”. And then check for number of replies/postings per issue and go for the things that have been complained about most.

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100% agreement from me.
As said, I was mere curious as to which bugs, basically, bugged you the most.
Pun half intended.

Thank you.

Amusing enough B-movie to have a beer and pizza by to be sure, though I’d hardly call it a classic. That said, people who enjoyed that could probably be upsold to Daniel Suarez’ Kill Decision.

I have no idea why you keep saying that.

Mild spoilers
  • First of all, we’re doing '80s sci-fi, so the armed forces are pretty much by definition either evil or fools. I believe that’s the genre convention there.

  • We’ve seen in Spiking the Guns that ticks can marshal tech, specifically the coastal guns when more firepower is needed.

  • I’m also getting the impression that you think there was some major heads-on fight between the bots and the army, and I’m just not convinced of that. We see a bunch of (tracked) tanks e.g. in Norrmyra that never made it off the yard. I remember one (tracked) tank defeated early on in the environmental story-telling (first island, Forest Workers’ Barrack), which for all we know might have been driven by ticks to boot, see above, and not much after that. Conversely, we see a defeated robo-tank near Iboholmen Caste, and one in the water between Norra and Södra Salthomen, and not that much after that. Not exactly the stuff of epic battles.

  • I would expect the machines had the elephant of surprise. So, go to a base, take down the guards with ticks or sniper hunters or whatever, and take it from there? Get a bunch of them in their sleep, for a start.

  • For that matter, I believe one of the documents we find said something along the lines of, “you’ve been payed well enough.” So the same may apply to commanding officers, or to grunts payed to disable a few tracked tanks. Just pointing out the possibility, don’t think it’s necessary for the machine coup to succeed.

  • If I’m not very mistaken, we have various instances of “we got some funny orders today” in the story. We also know FNIX has taken over comms equipment, so it might just have been a question of commanding individual units somewhere where they can easily be defeated – if they have weapons on them at all. Otherwise, they can just be herded to the brain harvest like cattle.

  • I also feel like we don’t have enough info about the armed forces of the game to say yay or nay. Clearly, in the setting people were a bit more paranoid than in real life (you know, enough to create a robo-army, for a start). But does that mean more volunteers, or a decrease of the draft, or what?
    Google says up 85 % of men were drafted “during the height of the cold war”, and that the “average term of service was about 11 months”, so they may have been a high number of inexperienced conscripts running about?

Army erase:
Well, I think I motivated this, for my taste?
I just do not feel the threat they are supposed to be?
However, that was my opinion, absolutely nothing else, my friend. :slight_smile:

Kill Command: true, not a classic, but it’s in line with GZ.
Is Kill Decision a book?

Thank you for responding, sir.
Much appreciated.

I am sorry but i also believe they should first take care of the bugs, and i bet there will be new bugs with the upcoming update, after they take care of that, they should keep the story going and the exploration(there are more 3 islands, one is enormous ! ).
After this update no new weapons are needed, just 2 or 3 types of new enemies, improvements and new features as:

  1. Mission replay-ability
  2. A better inventory and Plundra management
  3. just a little bit of crafting ( explosives, IEDs, traps)
  4. Diminish Fall damage
    5.Populate Settlements and military bases with more enemies
  5. Week Challenge missions ( Destroy enemy formation, destroy enemy refueling effort, destroy machines in place X, find the weapons and supplies)

Paper-, e-, or audio-, aye.
I found it highly worthwhile both as entertainment and to make a point, but I appreciate we’re all busy as heck.
For those too busy or not enticed, there’s also a 10 minute non-fiction TED talk by Suarez that touches on some core assertions of the novel. (These will provide mild spoilers for the novel though.)

ObDisclaimer: Not affiliated with Suarez in any way, just like some of his novels (others, less so). Kill Decision specifically touches upon themes shared by GZ.


I have to agree, the armed forces were caught in a surprise attack, there are only 2 things that do not make sense:

  1. what weapon platform shoot down most of the planes? (besides the South coast Fort and the Airbase having some kind of AA weapon, there are downed planes in almost all regions).

2 The evacuation and the lack of civilian bodies.

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Thank you, and well motivated, too!!!
I agree 100% with you, sir.
In a different topic, I placed unbugging as first too.

Nice post, sir!

Oh, nice, I’ll need to look into that book.
Also, I am diving right into that link.
Bloody marvellous, thank you so much!

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This is a whole new topic, which we can, if you like, bring into a whole new thread.
I will not get into this here, as this does not suit the current topic.
Up to you, shall we give them Lethal Autonomy, or… (Read: create a new topic, or prefer not to?) :slight_smile:
For the record, I am very outspoken on the matter, not that you would have been able to have guessed (LOL), and it sure interests me a lot.
So, I’ll follow your lead, my good friend… :wink:

And thank you.


Thank you for that! :heart:

EDIT: I also think that it takes a while for armed forces to adapt to fighting the new enemies. And they clearly did not have that. Look at us how we slowly find out what weaknesses they have and how to deal with them (how often we die in the beginning).

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We need to see new Machines to arrive in the game maybe in a future update like in 6 months. Generation Zero is a great game and launched just like the Trailer announced which is something a lot of games don’t do now a days. The problem is the enemy roster deadly and dangerous however it’s lacking particularly the enemies fill too many multiple role positions. We need some enemies that only do specific things or specialities to spice things up.

I made a discovery, but of new question on a new type of class, to come (perhaps).


I didn’t pay attention because I thought it was an apocalypse tank, now having faced a lot of this class, I realized that it is a new tank, probably a titanium armor at seen from the color.
In addition, surely a clue but why it is written FOA 2 on the ground of this machine, while I am in FAO 4

It´s the “Reaper” an upcoming Dlc, it´s been there since November Alpine Unrest.
FO2 is practically an arena so we might fight him there.

I was thinking about it, and we need bigger machines in my opinion. I love the fights between the harvester and the tank due to the amount of time they take, unless using the 6 star pvg 90. If we had a bigger and stronger machine it would pose a greater and more fun challenge to take down as well as rewarding. Any thoughts on bigger machines? (Sorry if this is copying another topic).

My thoughts on more types of machines is yes we need a couple more and on my opinion there should be more weapons machines can have equip like a hunter with a mini gun but depending on the weapon it may slow them to not be able to use knife if have mini gun like the idea of more machines by the way

I think we need a raid boss. A machine that you absolutely NEED more then one player for, for example one with a shield that only deactivates when two weak spots on opposing sides of the machine are shot simultaneously. It would be a really cool endgame activity.

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Same request topics merged.


With that, you’d completely deny every solo player out there to get rewards from such machine.

Yeah… i don’t think this goes well with the devs.