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Ok so I’ve died 100+ times and i just started finding FNIX class bots and I only just managed to get past the airfield and I am finding more bugs and far less basic gameplay qualities that I was expecting, this game has been out for over a year now so I was expecting it to be a lot smoother.
For a start when you crouch weapon sway should be reduced and going prone should almost completely negate all sway.
I feel like the hitbox is meant for a 7’ 5" 200 KG American, even when prone I get consistently hit even from 100+ meters away and it needs to be fixed.
Locations with weapons are almost impossible to find and are almost always where you wouldn’t expect them to be, if you’re in a farm and there’s a shotgun or rifle to find maybe it should be next to the door or in a bedroom not the corner of the basement for example.
The map need a major overhaul, there are some parts of the map that completely screw you over for just walking over it, an example is the road in front of the first church you find has the roads overlapping and if you ride a bike over it you get thrown into the sky, please fix that thank you.

I would like to say there are skills for that

That is what the devs are doing have you not seen the south coast and farmlands get a revamp?

Use the weapons locations page here if its that hard to find them, you find many of them during missions


I would like the “bug” fixes and more of the map to be fixed and have more stuff in. I also agree that crouch and prone weapon sway should be reduced. There are like Admiral said, skills for weapon sway. I would also like there to have weapons in more easily findable places.

A Tip for FNIX class hunters since you just came across them. When fighting against these, strafe them and hit the area near the heads that look live vents or their weapons, their weapons don’t track you as much as the Mil or Proto hunters.


Placing weapons to easy to spot places makes them too easy to find without any challenge. Though, even in real life, people have placed their weapons all over their home, so, why GZ must be any different and easier for the player? :thinking:


I only just started playing like a week ago so I haven’t seen some of the fixes that older players would have noticed, the game mechanics shouldn’t revolve around skills that’s just stupid, trying to use a sniper rifle early on is borderline impossible if you’re trying to hit a specific part like the fuel tank on a Tank and you’re using a 6x-12x scope, I’m looking at this game from an immersion and quality stand point.

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and seriously weapon sway should be reduced by going prone, that shouldn’t be reliant on perks.
I know this isn’t the place for a rant like this but I honestly feel like you just said that thing about weapon sway to **** me off, if it’s not then please correct me on that but that’s what it feels like, most of my life is made up of people ******* me over, ******* me off and disagreeing with me just because it’s me and not someone who’s actually worth a ****.
anyway that got depressing.

If I may ask, what difficulty are you playing the game on? You might want to consider lowering it if the game is too difficult for you.

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I have it set to adventure

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What platform, sir?
The fact you get hit is about miraculous, so to speak, on PC I have all but this, even on “gorilla” mode.

If only that worked!!!
It does not, sir.

Fully agreed, miss.
Game needs balance, now more than ever.

Sir, ever tried to fire a .50???
I was a professional military, Belgian Paras, I can tell you…
The game made it easy on you!!!
Trust me.
Please stop comparing a weapon with an airsoft toy…
It’s far from one, sir.

Otherwise, training makes perfect, so in that regard, the game is also “spot on” regarding game system, sir
And games usually trend skills.

Also, no need to speak asterisks, it’s not really appreciated here, kind sir.