More round types for the carl gustav

the further i get into the game the more it seems the hedp round become less and less usful
my suggestion is adding HEAT, HE rounds to the game.
HEAT- heavier then hedp and has less aoe damage and range but deals higher damage to armor and components

HE: less armor damage, grater aoe damage and range, maybe even fire damage

can also have thermobaric experimental round that has a delayed explosion but grater damage and range

There already are more ammo types.
I’ve marked every available type:

  • smoke
  • EMP
  • HEDP (High-Explosive Dual-Purpose)
  • HCDP (Highly Corrosive Dual-Purpose)
  • HEDP (Highly Radioactive Dual-Purpose)

talking non experimentals, smoke is kinda usless. emp is usful and hedp lacks some range

id love a thermo bearic round that has a delayed explosion (unique to the carl gustaf) and heat round for extra direct damage

Smoke isn’t as useless.
But more testing is needed.
And I would love to have it improved a bit (optically, larger areas of smoke, more volume, especially height).

Yesterday I tested some normal smoke grenades (throwables) against a harvester. I first destroyed his optics, then threw 4 smoke grenades in front of him.

Although the smoke didn’t cover him completly due to its small volume, he obviously wasn’t able to see me anymore. I walked around him towards his back and he kept on moving towards my previous position in front of him. I was able to destroy him from the back and he didn’t turn around.

The question is, what’s about hunters, runners and Lynx… May they also have optics? As I wrote above: more testing is needed.

Corrosive hasn’t been working for a while now. As far as I know, it still isn’t working. However, like every other weapon, there are atleast 4 types of ammo for it, 2 normal (AP and non-AP), 2 special (emp, explosive, fire, shock, etc).

I don’t know what you mean…
Just crafted some of the corrosive rounds and used them. I really have forgotten how well they work.


I’ll have to try them once Multiplayer is fixed. Until we can gain credit for participating in dailies while in other people’s games, there’s no point to playing as a group, and the game isn’t much fun solo, as I’ve already completed all the content that’s out right now. Dailies are NOT fun to do solo.

Anyway, the last time I checked, crafted corrosive rounds weren’t being recognized as legitimate ammo.