More stealth options/gear

In the early game, when ammo and healing was limited, stealth was an excellent mechanic. It was terrifying first time round to stealth my way past Hunters and Runners, laying prone to avoid Seekers, but in the late game, stealth just goes out of the window. I loved having those thoughtful moments early on with friends, looking through clearings out of sight, planning attacks. That’s all gone now with my better gear.

I’d absolutely love to see more benefits to stealth. I’m not asking the combat to be overhauled or something, I like the guns blazing style the game goes for, but it seems kinda sad that there’s an entire game mechanic that gets overlooked later on due to it being slower than just face tanking damage and dumping 400 rounds into an unsuspecting machine


Not sure how having better weapons effects stealth? If anything, it increases the ability to be even more stealth, no? I mean, sneaking past the machines has nothing to do with what weapon you are carrying. Better silencers, longer range weapons yes, you can pick machines off easier without the nearby machines noticing. What has happened if anything, it has become easier to sneak past the Sweden machines due to all the players saying they are to aggressive so their ability to detect players has been all but turned off.

I think if anything, stealth should be harder like before there was the ability to go prone and it wasn’t so easy to sneak up behind them cause they turn more often. If you are running through grass or ice and making all kinds of noise they detect you, that has all but stopped and again, that has nothing to do with better gear but added skills that you have to use skill points to get.

Oh! I didn’t mean weapons or anything, by gear I meant stuff like traps, or maybe some kind of item that temporarily makes machines unable to see you while moving or something. I don’t have any knowledge of game design, I’m just offering ideas.

As for mechanics, I’d just like there to be a reason to stealth. I know it’s a bit cliche, but maybe a stealth multiplier for your first hit or something?

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Sorry, I am the one that misunderstood, the term better gear as it is the weapons that get better as you progress through the game.

You can “buy” more stealthy skills with the use of skill points but as I pointed out, almost any character can be stealthy the way the Sweden machines act now. Very easy to sneak up on almost any Sweden machine but the Soviet ones are a pain to get close to so picking them off from a distance is a good option for now with the PVG 90.

That’s completely fair, I don’t have an experimental 50. yet, hopefully one will drop soon~

weapons and gear do affect stealth. once you get good weapons and gear later on and can pretty easily kill the machines the fear of them completely vanishes. not really able to change that though