More tips and tricks!


Hey all, I’ve made my fourth tips and tricks video for generation zero and thought i’d share it here to reach as many players as i can.
In this video i show you how to dodge and counter hunters in a way that just absolutely dominates them, i show you how to corner peek and use the new tank AI against it! plus much more, hopefully you guys enjoy the tips and if any of you have tips to share as always feel free to post em’ here so we can help new and old players alike :slight_smile:


Was this video made before or after the August update?


Both, but i took an extra day to test and make sure everything worked properly before putting this out :slight_smile: All tips are still working in August, and same for my previous tips too!


Let’s hope the Machines don’t watch your video’s or we’re in trouble :smile:


Hey they could learn a thing or two amirite? haha except for hunters, that counter is too nice to give up. :smiley:
But seriously, just for the last tip, i think tank bull running should become an official GZ sport.


Maybe I should take a break playing the game … I actually read “more tips and ticks!” … :thinking: