Most Underrated Weapon: the exp. "MAGNUS .44"

Every time I hear anything about the magnus .44 experimental, it’s never anything good. Always about how garbage it is or that it has no range or damage.

Well… it may not have the range but here’s a little bit of what I’ve learned about the magnus.

We all know it gets its high damage from shooting through objects. Most people don’t like that because you cannot see what’s on the other side…

Most of you may have known this but I’ll share below for those curious how to maximize the .44

Ever wonder why it can equip a scope?

Ever wonder why you’d ever want to use that seemingly useless object penetrating vision modulator?

Combine those with the exp. Magnus and you’re set for the best game of “ring around the rosy” you’ve ever played.

This pistol is an all out monster when used correctly.

So easy to take this, lure a reaper to a shed, close all doors and have at it.

Have hunters chasing you? Play ring around the rosy with a tree. Use the tree as your object and blast a hunter away.

I’ve learned this is a devastating close range weapon when you can nail down the gameplay required to have it deal damage and be most efficient. It may not be everyone’s preferred type of gameplay.

Just do not say this weapon is useless! It is in fact a beast.

After playing with it awhile to optimize its usage, it is very fun to play. Soloing a reaper from inside a shed never caring about anything bit his biohazard attack. Such an easy life!

Here is my current build using a 5* 2x4 scope and vision module.



Awesome to see you chose fmj too!! Let’s you use the guns penetration of everything along with the ammo’s component damage. This tactic also works well with the exp pvg. Together these weapons make one almost unstoppable.

I actually was using some exp. Explosive ammo for awhile. Dealt some major damage. Unfortunately became expensive so now I save the Explosive for reapers!

Probably effective in the way you describe it. But to me, this would feel like a cheap way to play. More of an exploit than a real tactic… But I’m not judging others. :slight_smile:

It can be a cheap way to play I suppose. Yet it does involve a lot of movement to keep behind objects. It’s also useful to pop enemies behind doors before entering a room. Most of the time I’m using this tactic moving around wood piles and shooting through.

As far as exploit… I disagree. I prefer the saying “work smart not hard” in this scenario :grin:

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I disagree as well. This game is all about using what’s available to the best of your ability. Object penetration for the gun and sight are by Dev design. Combining them is just a simply logical conclusion. It’s no more an exploit then your pet spotting through walls.

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“Ever wonder why you’d ever want to use that seemingly useless object penetrating vision modulator?”

This. I use this weapon in base assaults. Shoot down machines behind walls. But is very situational.

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For base assault I just use exp m/49 and blast the entire thing down from a distance. Usually about 70 high explosive shells levels the place. Leave one wall next to main generator to use .44 on :crazy_face:

There are challenges that specify the weapon to be used when attacking bases. In this case the Magnus is a good choice. Again, very situational.

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There is one SPECIFIC porpoise for experimental Magnus. Most of you guys didn’t even know.

An experimental Magnus can 2 shot the enemy base base core. It’s all because the fragment bullets.
Ain’t gonna lie if you guys hate that the enemies base core activating it’s shield too much. Just use the experimental Magnus to destroy it.

BUT there’s an combo you can use, if you want too rush an enemy base.
Rockets are built to destroy walls and Magnus is built to destroy enemy’s core too fast.

I think everyone knows that about the base generator. If you read above you see where I say I use m/49 to blast all walls except one near generator to use the .44 on.

I’m giving an example of using it for other purposes. This has actually turned out to be one of my favorite weapons to use!

It’s a blast to have a tank try and chase you around a tree while blasting him with the .44 :crazy_face:

You didn’t really specify of what generator. There is shield generators and core base/main base ?

I can’t really understand what you’re trying too say.

That got patched as far as ik, havent been able to replicate it for months now

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@Indominus-J if you have a wall directly at the main generator you can 3 shot it now. I haven’t been able to 2 shot either.

@Attacke18 okay? I didn’t realize it was confusing.

Works through deployable cover as well, although things need to be calm enough to lay for the shots.

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