Motion Sickness during play


me and my mates got motion sickness when playing the game 20 minutes+ especially in buildungs.

Does someone experience the same?

@Devs is there a way to solve the problem? perhaps an option for the camera settings (shake/wiggle reduction or permanent crosshair enabling could help)


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there is a setting called motion blur, i ALWAYS turn that off because you simply cant see anything when looking around. if that still doesnt help then maybe just look at all the options carefully and or search on google what something means. Replies comes slow and all i know is very few people respond (in my experience) i try to help with what i know but yeah, try turning off motion blur if it isnt off already, it may help you see better.

Heyo as @CaliberMag said disable motion blur. We need some more options to be able to disable head bobbing when sprinting, that could be another cause of motion sickness. I am also experiencing it and end up feel like throwing up and getting a headache.