Motorbike crashing game

Platform: xb1

Description: when riding any kind of motorbike (including the flackmopped) the game crashes within 30 sec (solo and client) (bicycle works fine).

Steps To Reproduce: I have the motorbike pack instaled. Alone or as a client the game crashes when I get on any motorbike. If my friend carry me in flackmopped game also crashes. (My friend has no issue ridding motorbike on Xbox one seri x)

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: solo/client

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: xbox one S


Yeah, those crashes are common. Seems like the higher speed of the mopeds and trikes makes them more likely to cause crashes—sooner, more readily, than the bicycles, but seems like only by a small amount.

I’m on a plain old XB1, myself, and have resigned myself to basically forgetting that the vehicles even exist. Another guy I play with and myself, he’s on the same spec of console, we can’t reliably make use of any of the vehicles for any length of time. Bicycles included. We might get on a vehicle and ride for two seconds before it crashes, or it may be two minutes, or it may be ten minutes, but it is going to crash, and there is no telling when it will be—so, for use, it’d be “use at your own risk!” So, yeah, forget that. We go on foot. Doesn’t matter if one of us is playing alone, or if we’re playing together, or if others are presents, nothing. Just the use of a vehicle, alone, is enough to start playing game crash roulette.


The game keeps crashing on my xbox for spawning in any of the moterbikes it is very frustrating that if i wanna use something i paid for then it crashes please fix that issue