MotorBikes DLC pack

Platform: Xbox

Description: motorbikes in game keep causing game to crash

Steps To Reproduce: All players have uninstalled Motorbikes pack and reinstalled but game keeps freezing and crashing

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: both

Players in your game: 3 players

Specifications: When we dont use the motorbikes in the game we never have any problems with the game but as soon as one person uses a bike the hosts and clients get kicked from game and sent back to console home screen.

The problem wasnt the Bike DLC. Other players are the problem. Different NAT-types, stability, Old-Gen & Next-Gen,…

There’s currently a memory-related issue with the motorbikes that may result in a crash.
It seems to be rather sporadic, to be honest I’ve not seen it since February Update. But it may still be present, so I wouldn’t count on it being fixed.

Crashing and being disconnected are two very different things. Which one is it?