Mouse jitter and keyboard input processing bugs/problems

Platform: PC, Win 10.

Description: Mouse input inaccurately tracked

Steps To Reproduce: Have a mouse. Zoom. Try to aim at something using very fine adjustments.

Images / Videos:

Mouse jitter demo, compared to behaviour in paint dot net:

Host or Client: Single player - so, host, I guess?

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Win 10 build 19042, MS-7B84, Ryzan 5 3600, 16GB RAM, GTX1060 6GB, G502 mouse (roccat kone also tested)

GZ has severe mouse jitter when attempting small movements, for example when compensating for sway or recoil while zoomed. Reproduced with 2 different mice on 3 different surfaces, exactly the same behaviour all six times. No other game or program has a similar issue (video includes comparison to behaviour in paint dot net).

Additionally - interact key problem:

“Interact” keyboard input regularly does not register, even when the grabby-hand icon is displayed on the interactable item. I need to move my character back and forth and spam the interact key until it finally works.

Additionally - Item selection keyboard inputs not working until hit twice:

Item selection regularly does not work on the first keypress and the key must be pressed again to make it function. I am aware that you cannot switch item while moving into or out of aiming down sights , which is also annoying but I believe that is “intentional” (ie, an oversight, but not a problem with input registration). But the lack of input registration happens at various other times as well, although I cannot pin down specifically what else might cause it to not register (other than the aiming animation problem).

Welcome to the forums. Please keep bug reports separate rather than containing them in a single post. Regarding the jittery scope bug it does look very odd, thanks for providing video of the issue.