Mouse support for console

Please please please! Can we have mouse and keyboard support for the console versions? I play on PS 4 and am hooked on the game but quite often feel frustrated trying to aim at moving targets with the controller. It would be much more realistic and enjoyable using a mouse. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to a gaming pc :frowning:.


Though I am not at all a fan of Console trying to become more like PC with M&K (Console is controller not sitting at a desk with M&K) since this is not a PVP competitive game I would be fine with M&K for this game for those who play in a less relaxed & more serious way. As a side not I do not at all agree that M&K is more real it is just different & for me (Just talking about me here) I came to console so I could play game in a more relaxed laid back way. I sat at a desk with a PC/M&K for work did not want home to feel like work…Anyway just my personal opinion and nothing more.

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Same situation here, @SteampunkPagan. But I’ll never get used to the incomprehensible sensitivity of the thumb controlled aim joystick. Luckily the runners are usually very polite and understanding about it and remain still while I struggle to get the aim set on their power cells :weary:


I guess I mean more realistic in terms of instinctive aiming with the weapons. I’m in the military and am used to being able to snap onto targets very quickly and make minute movements with the weapon. Aiming with controller just seems really clunky to me.

I was literally posting this exact thing. I’m on an Xbox One X and it blows my mind that more developers don’t utilize mouse and keyboard support for games that are PvE cooperative. The controller “options” are severely lacking, with no ADS sensitivity sliders, no dead zone sliders, and add in the fact that there’s a horrible soft aim-snap to enemies (even more so around lots of targets/dead bodies) and it makes it an absolute chore to play using a controller. Rather than code in the missing customization options for controller, it would be much simpler to port k+m controls to allow us to play using our peripheral of choice. This is literally only 1 of 2 gripes that I have with this game (the other being inventory management/ammo stacking). Here’s hoping this gets noticed.

I would love to see this happen. I can’t sink the money in for a PC at the current moment,but I have been wanting to learn the mouse and keyboard input for the time that I will be able to afford a setup.
The input on controller just feels sluggish when enemies are moving all over due to our sensitivity being capped so low it seems. We should have higher sens options at the very least.
Using scopes seems pretty pointless once a target begins to move due to how slow you can aim with them.

The aim assist feels iffy as well which can cost me health when it snaps to weird places and fights me on where I am trying to aim. I feel like adding the option for mouse and keyboard would improve the experience overall for the players who want to use the option while not impacting those who don’t in a negative way as there is no PvP elements in the game. Being one of few games who support the option may also spark the interest of certain people looking for the input option on console as it’s very limited right now.

I feel as if this option,or just simply improving our accessibility of customizing our sensitivity on controllers would further the experience for any and all players.We all benefit from more personalization options in game.

EDIT: While in the latest official stream,someone asked if there would be consideration for keyboard support on console and it was pretty much dismissed with"why would you play mouse on console"
Short answer should be PC allows you to plug in a controller providing the player with their preferred input method so why is it ridiculous that we want ours too? Some people can’t afford a gaming PC.

Please i would like to expierience generation zero with a mouse and keyboard but i cant buy it on steam cause my bugdet is looking rather… Questionable and by that i mean HoW CaN I Be sO BrOKe!?

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