Move combined weapon weight to the top of the information window


I would like to see the indicated number of the combined weapon + attachments weight moved to the top of the information window. On some weapons it takes a lot of scrolling on that mouse wheel to find out what you’re carrying. Would it not make more sense if this number was at the top, not the bottom of the window?

Example of problem: One of my characters was really overburdened, and I couldn’t understand why. It didn’t make sense compared to what I was visibly carrying, so I had to go over each weapon in the inventory to get to the bottom of it. I could either check each weapon’s attachments screen, or scroll all the way down to see the weight indicator.
Turned out one of my weapons had 12.000 rounds attached to it. I hadn’t used that weapon for a long time, so I didn’t remember. And there’s no clear indicator of this until you equip the weapon and get the ammo count on screen.

It’s no big problem, of course. You just have to keep track of your ammo. :laughing: