Movement and Running Restrictions : Reason

This is not a bug , its part of the new inventory system.
The new inventory system is based on weight, you can see your weight on the bottom left of inventory screen.
Slightly over capacity will mean you lose sprint , Majorly over capacity will mean you cannot move.

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The problem with this comes for players that haven’t played since the last update. If they are overweight and didn’t spawn near a Plundra, they are going to have a hard time moving their inventory anywhere.

I was lucky enough that the game bugged out and let me fast travel once before it locked my movement but this does need some kind of fix/debug option so you can still fast travel to deposit your gear the first time you play since last patch.

@jakel… it’s not the weight problem it’s a rare bug. Happen to me twice before the patch 1.19 that increase the backpack space from 80 to 96. I thought it was my controller because it wasn’t the first time my controller had a problem with the joystick and psn is aware of that so that’s why they give you another one even after a year, you just need the receipt. My weight was 45 before the update and I sprint then can’t anymore and let me be more specific, when you run and stamina fulls up, you run slower and heavy breathing. With no stamina bar light up meaning you can run full speed and no heavy breathing, I couldn’t run. Before the patch, to beat hunters, just run around in a circle or throw a distraction and take one out one by one. The game is design to give more xp by using radios.flares, gas cans etc so they should be more in looting. Gas and radios are abundants but fireworks are not but I don’t mean spending a whole day farming loot, I mean spending a good 3-4 hours of going to one region to the next. But back to my point about the running, I have a brand new controller in the case and still had the same problem. Could you imagine that happen with the new patch where hunters are op but the loot is the lowest compare to harv and tanks. On a different topic how is that a non rival harv gives me a gold gun but a 4 star apocalypse tank gives me ammo. I don’t want to get off topic but state it is a rare bug and only happened twice. I asked my buddy I play a lot of co op games with from borderlands to diablo to cod mp, far cry and more about if he had the same problem and he said yes. If not hard to see in the bottom corner sprinting disable. Maybe this is only a console problem because no one in pc is complaining. Maybe because it doesn’t happen often ps4 players like myself not saying anything but I have in another topic.

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You also cannot Fast Travel if you are over your weight limit.