Movement restrained by health

Ever wonder why you can sprint at full speed with 1 hp? make it so the player will have limited movility depending on the amount of health avaiable and even not being able to move at all with low HP.

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We had that, but based on the weight you carry.

From March '20 update to April '20 update: Carry Capacity lvl2 (max 80 units)

  • 80 - 87.999 - can’t sprint, only jog
  • 88 - 96.999 - can’t run, only walk
  • 97 - can’t move at all

From April '20 update onwards: Carry Capacity lvl2 (max 96 units)

  • 96 - 112.999 - can’t run, only walk
  • 113 - can’t move at all

Why devs removed the gradual mobility - that i don’t know. I liked it quite a lot. Though, based on that, it’s unlikely that we would see another gradual mobility system in-game.

Small correction:
96 - 111,999 impossible to run just walk
112,000 impossible to move
at least that’s what happens to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Could be. Need to check it again sometimes.

There are games where lowered HP state does have effect on your char but in those games, such systems are part of the core mechanic and built-in from the ground up.

From the top of my mind, Deus Ex has such a nice system in place where there are different damage values for your body (head, torso, right/left arm and right/left leg).
Get hit into the arm and your aim gets worse. Get hit in the leg and you can’t sprint anymore. Take a big hit to the legs and you won’t be standing anymore, instead, you’d be crawling slowly etc.

However, slapping simplified version of it to GZ doesn’t do good to anyone. If it would be implemented, then only when doing it properly with different effects at different damage levels on different body parts.

Sadly, that kind of system is very complex to do, especially since game has been out for more than a year and it may not be even possible to add it properly to the game. At least nowhere near the level of complexity as when the system is built alongside game building itself.