Moving ticks backwards without touching them

moving ticks backwards without upsetting them :triumph: lay down some parametric packs, lay on the ground, bump into the parametric packs touching the tick, also 40% & 40% invisibility helps I think, give it a try,

the paramedic packs, ammo packs & field radios are no longer glued 2 the ground when placed down, can be bumped into 4 some funny results

i think there are laws that say your not allowed to go to Home Depot on a bicycle to buy 8 propane tanks, :rofl: then try and unsafely ride back home without properly being securely belted down lol lol lol

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Yep they move went in combat with Reapers Tanks and Harvesters if there rockets hit they get thrown everywhere I even lost some of them makes it more fun.