MP crashes when trying to join lobbies

When I go into my own lobby its fine but when me and my friend want to play together it crashes and ot just says send report. My friend just found one where someone said on the 1st that they had the same issue. Pls fix this I love the game but i want to enjoy it with other people

Try reading how to report a bug and include the needed info, Right now your report is almost useless

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No idea. I’m only on mobile so

Guide for proper bug reporting is here: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

New to this sorry. I did repost with proper format

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: when we invite each other it crashes and says send report

Host or Client: we both tried hosting sonce it wasnt working we switched

Players in your game: just me and one friend

Specifications: my specs are
I5 4460, gtx 1650 super, 16GB DDR3
His are Amd Ryzen 3600, Gtx 1660 Super, 16 GB DDR4

We both were playing the day before but this time after the update it crashed so we can run it. We ran it before on ultra

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Yikes theres so much to this i was just tryna ask a question :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i just wanna play with my bro

You can ask questions in #general-discussion subforum. #bug-reports subforum is for reporting game issues and that in proper bug reporting format.

Okay well i was trying to just report some issue i was having cuz idk if sending a report does anything as it hasnt for any other game ive played so i aas just taking an extra step. I wanted to play the game but for some reason MP is broken after the update. I just wanted to make some content and have fun but i cant u til this bug is fixed and i couldnt see if anybody else had reported it.
I didnt realize there was a specific thing i had to point out usually people just say problems theyve had i didnt know there was a pattern and im sorry. But thank you for helping me with this. Idk how often they put out patches as it looks like they waited 7 months to do an update