MP getting better?


I’m always quick to make a bug report, so I’m gonna give credit when it’s time for that too. Idk about you guys but I’m playing on Xbox One, and when I first started playing MP it was endless crashing. Over the last 3 days I’ve been playing pretty much exclusively online with my neighbor and just random kids too. I haven’t crashed one time and I’ve played in individual sessions for hours. The frame rate doesn’t drop nearly as bad, the enemies act like they’re supposed to. Anybody else experiencing improved MP recently? Let me low what you think.


I’m on PC and crashed all weekend on MP. Single player runs like butter for me though but I only crash when I’m the client, when I host the person I’m playing with will crash but I’m still playing. Can’t fig it out.


I’ve heard that the PC multi-player was pretty rough too. Sorry to hear that, hopefully this will be the first thing on the January update and we can all get back to playing together


Let us pray. :crossed_fingers:


Still happy to report some solid gameplay on multi-player, that’s two more days. I think this is the beginning of a new Era Djents :sunglasses:


I sure hope so. Would love to see this game continue on and expand for the foreseeable future.



My personal issue with MP is this:
Solo game: Already far too easy.
MP: machines do not scale.
Conclusion: Broken balance far more broken… not fun…?

I DO hope it’s fixed (at least partially).