Mules moved ... somehow

Hello all,
Not a bug really but it is a bit annoying so am asking you peeps if you know of how to address this issue and I apologise for my waffle.
I know the thinking of using one of the characters as a mule is decisive … some say its good, others think of it as cheating to use a character slot as a ‘Hold this whilst I fill up the plundra box again’ … well I am one of the former and my mule was parked at the farmlands airbase where they could access the plundra for picking up and dropping off as I needed it.
However on a recent boot up of that character it has been transported to the tunnels meaning that I cant access the plundra no more.
Apart from the obvious ‘empty the pockets so they can move again’ is there any kind of fix that anyone knows of? The reason I don’t want to dump what they have and start again … its holding all of my experimental weapons and good ammo and if I drop it on the floor if I logout and login on a playing character, the goods are gone forever.
Thanks for any advice and yes, I know its considered cheating to use a character like this!

To move a character to a exact safehouse that you can reach the plundra without moving, use a character that can fast travel. Go to said safe house and open the plundra a few times to make sure the in game save does its thing. I grab something from the box or put something in. Exit to menu and change to a different character and continue back into the game. The new character should be in the same place as the old character was.

This is not a bug, its how the game works so you can trade out characters of different skill or different weapons and return to the game where you left it. Just don’t expect to return to the map on the same time of day or with the same machines around.

It is useful for when you build characters with different skill sets, like you have an engineer that can collect tick pods or pick locks. You switch to him when you need those skills, then you have one that is a marksman, a commando or some other special skill sets or in your case… the mule character.


Thanks for trying JuanEyeJack, but no good. All the three other alts are at the airbase and put things/took out the plundra several times ensuring the saving icon showed and did its thing but even after all that the fourth alt is still loading in the tunnels.
Thanks for the idea though, much appreciated.

If you have some explosives on that character you could try killing it.

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THIS indeed would be much easier if there would be expanded survival mechanics. You could just don’t eat, starve and then respawn ahere you want. :rofl:

Using a character as a mule is not considered cheating. Just be aware of the limits that are presented to you when you hoard items. Though if an update moves your character… That’s not ideal.

I suggest doing what @0L0 said. Then do an inventory of your stuff, scrap what you don’t need :+1:

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Thats genius, I will give it a go now the updates come down the pipe … hopefully I can get back to the game now!

You Sir … or Madam … or attack helicopter … are a genius. A couple of rocket launcher shots to my feet and not using a adrenaline and it asked me where to respawn and I chose the airbase.

The game crashed first time after I landed so I had to shoot my feet off again but now the mule spawns where I need it to.

Many many thanks form the bottom of my experimental weapons!



Sorry for off-topic buut…
Mule might not be the smartest location for storing your experimental weapons…

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Well, many months ago I stored every experimental I got, too.
But to be true… Why should you?

As the remaining space in my plundra got smaller and smaller (before plundra expansion) I decided to clean it up. Now I just have two of each weapon I got in 5c, two of each experimental I got and two of each 5c attachment… Including the ones my primary character is carrying.

You just don’t need more… Just maybe four instead of two (one for each character). And you don’t need mules.

with this new update, and with argumentations, and weapon parts, I don’t wanna override argumentations with new ones every 24 hours to try out a new one, at 500 weapon parts, im thinking 3 good gold weapons of each kind without having to use a mule

Maybe 4, if you plan on giving 1 to a friend :two_men_holding_hands: nah, nevermind, don’t have room for that

I use a mule for extra exp weapons too. For a good reason though. If I encounter someone else who’s struggling to progress I’ll hand em a set-up. Keep in mind they can refuse if they’d like after all they’re just spares to me. Actually manage to clean this character out often in a single session. Some folks have issues getting them or in some cases didn’t know they existed. Feels nice to make room and benefit the other players experiences so they want to keep up the fight in GZ.