Multiplayer and getting booted out

So i have restarted on PC. I have copies on both Xbox and PS4. Every day I try to connect to multiplayer games and either I am immediately booted or I help the host work a Rival or the Reaper to the ground then get booted out. So they get the loot and we get nothing, which loot we all get is separate so this makes no sense to me other than being a complete dick. This has happened legitimately the last 4 times I’ve played online in the last 5 days. I don’t get it. If you don’t want people playing with you, don’t open it up. Am I the only one experiencing this?? I hope so.

No, you are not the only one. It is very annoying at best.

In my eyes these 4-player-coop-games are just playable with fun and satisfaction if you play with friends or alone.

Agreed, but I like the multiplayer too, I legitimately like helping newbies get started. I mostly play solo now just because I can’t find a decent multiplayer game right now.

My steam id is [USMC] xXSKELETORXx, add me im always down to blow shit up.

I need help on ps4 what is your user?

Why do you need help?
Or what kind of help do you need?

Start playing in adventurer mode and solo. Learn as you go, you don’t need help. There is no greater pleasure in gaming than figuring out the best playstyle and tactics. Later when you are more experienced and have better understanding of what to do, you can scale up to a higher difficulty.


As annoying as the whole match maker selection process is, after playing a lot of games with friends, I prefer the randomness of joining/hosting games with the public. That being said I do not send out or accept friend requests.

When playing with the public, I can wind up in a game of beginners, I only follow and help if needed or asked, and use lower level weapons. In a game with more skilled players I join in the fights with max firepower. And as the saying goes, it’s like a box of chocolates-

Same issue here on PC when Rival or Reaper die after long battles, kicked out. MP game can be fun and where I got most good loot meeting friendly gamers to help out and learn from so it’s a shame this happens. Open up your game as host to other players and tell right away what you are up to works fine in my experience.

I wonder if some hosts just unplugs the network to keep all loot (is this possible?) or a technical issue but it makes MP gaming too frustrating. I never seen a player getting disconnected when we put down a Rival (haven’t had a Reaper yet) on my map as host anyway.

I also had the problem. Yesterday i tried MP for first time. And i enjoy it so much, after helping a only lvl 2 player. I could play many hours with no problems. But today I keep disconnecting. I also tried launch GZ in offline mode, but then it is not possible to join any MP games. Very sucks, that i will stick to solo, and hope one day, it will be fixed