Multiplayer can't see enemies

Platform: PC -steam

When playing multiplayer, me hosting the game cant see or get any damage from from the enemy. According to my friend they still try to shoot me but still no damage taken. Some times I can see stuck enemies, which I cant shoot or anything.

Sometimes, puting up a radio, jumping back and fort to another safe hose works, but mostly not. very anoing since we could sneak up on something were I dont see all the enemies that my friend see.

Has anyone experineced this before or does it have a quick fix? Any more information that is needed to solve this let me know?

Reproduce the issue: Every time we play for the last weeks it happens


How fast is your internet connection?
Are you connected via cable or Wifi?

We both have fiber connections from our houses, Im connected with cat6 from my desktop. I need to check the other one if he is on wifi or cable.

Did a quick check right now, with more poeple playing and whatnore. 505,5Mbps down and 477.1Mbps up

I was just asking, because Gysbert reported to have heard (on facebook or discord) that most sync issues are caused by using wifi connections.

Pluging in a cable instead should help.

Is there any fix in the plans for the issue with some co-op players not seeing Enemies when friend do? I am playing with a friend on my home network so, no wifi and on the same switch ( yes I have tested the local equipment), I have been reading forums and it doesn’t look good, which sucks because my group was looking for a new co-op game to move to.

Thanks for the forum.