Multiplayer crashes

Platform: Xbox One

Description: When playing multiplayer, the game freeze at a constant interval and crash, sending me back to the Xbox homepage. Happens specially in crowded areas with many robots present.

Steps To Reproduce: Nothing I’ve tried has solved the problem. As long as I know it’s not possible to change graphic settings etc. on Xbox. Tried playing on Wifi and ethernet cable, no difference.

Host or Client: Happens regardless of hosting or joining other games. Only in multiplayer though, have yet to crash in singleplayer.

Players in your game: Mostly two players, me and host.

Specifications: Xbox one

Disc or digital version or via Gamepass?
Installed on internal or extended memory?
Are you able to clear the consoles cache, rebuild the filesystem or something like that to improve the system stability? (don’t know, if possible on xbox one)