Multiplayer Crashing bug

Platform: PC

Description: Me and a friend is trying to join each others in the game, the game just keeps crashing, I have restarted the PC and at one point he reinstalled the game and it keeps crashing.

Host or Client: We’ve tried both

Players in your game: Just us two.

Specifications: Gtx 1070, I5 8400th, 8GB Ram, Game installed on SSD.

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Does the game crash at a specific point after you’ve joined your friend (and vice versa), or does it seem mostly random? I figure, it can either relate to some instabilities we’ve seen as of late, or it could be narrowed down to something more specific.

I like this game but it crashes every few minutes. i don’t care all the new features added i care about is the stable and multiplayer, hope they can can fix this problem. Is not fun when you want to play if the game is always crashing.

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I have discovered that MP join crashes usually resolves if you go singple player, jump around in a few different safehouses in different areas. After doing that (forces fresh resave) you can join an MP game again. I guess the load algorithm for MP and SP differs a bit and that causes the crashes in MP

The MP crashing is weird on this game. If I’m playing with one friend it just crashes every so often so it’s not as bad as it used to be but 3 people playing is almost impossible to play, and it’s not really a crash. I’m usually a client, on pc, and I’m usually the last to join the game. About 20 min in my player just leaves the game no crash report or anything while the host and the other friend are still playing and I don’t even realize I’ve been kicked untill it pops up on their screen saying ive left and they tell me. Is it too taxing on the host’s pc to have more than one other person playing in their game?