Multiplayer crashing on world loading

Platform: xbox
Steps To Reproduce: join a game from match making
Images / Videos:
Host or Client: client
Players in your game: anywhere from 1-3
Specifications: trying to join a multiplayer game results in a crash 75% of the time. Im not sure why sometimes it’s fine and dandy and other times i need to try 8+ times of crashing to get anywhere.

It’ll happen right after the world is loaded.

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Finally I’m not the only one.
Only for me it happens on PC

Have happend to me a lot more often after the may patch.

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I guess the devs do not care about this issue XD

Thanks for the report/feedback guys :slight_smile: I assure you the devs do care about every issue GZ has right now. They are a small team of dedicated developers trying to get things fixed the best they can! The June update is focusing on mission related bugs so I do not know if this particular issue will be addressed or not, however I am definitely looking forward to the June update! Thanks for supporting the GZ community.