Multiplayer Disconnect (Host)

Platform: XB1

Description: Game repeatedly disconnecting host during game play specifically during combat in any area above starter area

Steps To Reproduce: Host and second player attempted combat in starter area then moved north on game map and attempted combat outside of stater area 10/10 attempts for combat outside of starter area crashed within a range of 3 to 5 minutes of combat. Host has played on single player for 30 minutes at this point with no crashing. Game will crash if I join shortly after joining

Images / Videos: None to add at the moment

Host or Client: V

Players in your game: player count (2)

Specifications: not sure what I am meant to put here but game specifications are start standard on skirmish difficulty with minor adjustment to field of view and loot sharing is off

We really love the game and find it to be well put together in story line and most game play mechanics which all work well in single player, but would really like the multiplayer issues to be fixed because it is a lot more fun for the both of us if we can play together. If anyone has had similar issues and may know a way around it until it is patched I would like to know, because we have trouble shot all other things we suspected could have been causing the issues (internet connection, game version update, system problems ect.) and confirmed it to be none of those and suspect it to be a core game issue

We also had problems, then we tried that everyone has the same DLC and no longer uses the Runner DLC since then we’ve been fine.

I had identified that the same issue came from using runner companions. As long as they won’t follow any player no crash happens.

Yes we have confirmed for sure when we use the runner DLC or have the companions out the game crashes. Your comment really helps thank you! We have the game running smoothly now