Multiplayer hostile bug

Hey guys, me and my friend have noticed a bug that hasnt been addressed anywhere and its quite frequent. In a multiplayer session where my friend is host sometimes when we get into fights mostly with firebirds they disappear for host but not me yet he can still hear the noises and dosent take damage from the shots or anything so if anyone has experianced something similar any fixes apreciated

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This has sometimes happened to me and my friend in the past with hunters in general. But that’s long ago. Invisible enemies have been reported quite often, but I think it was fixed in general… Maybe they have to look at firebirds again.

A buddy of mine and I have had this issue, with Runners, just recently. I was sneaking along and he suddenly told me to watch out and started shooting—turned out I had been jumped by dogs I couldn’t see (and that couldn’t hurt me, accordingly), and he blasted them.

I’ll see videos shared on XBL of this sort of thing pretty often, too. One video from one player, showing another player shooting and running around and spontaneously dying, then video from the other player showing the fight while the other player stands there looking around all confused…

Sure seems like they still have some bughunting to do. Ongoing process, never ends, pretty much. Happens with plenty of other games, plenty of other devs, so not like it is some exclusive thing, of course.