Multiplayer looting?

So has looting been changed at all?
Started a new game with my partner and Im hosting.

1st attempt - I loot the flashlight and pistol in the very first house and it disappears for her
2nd attempt - I let her loot it and they disappear for me

anyway we keep going on and come across the first set of runners. after I loot them they completely disappear from her screen. next lot I let her loot them yet I can still loot as well

Thinking this was still weird we kept going on a little and yeah 70% of the dead machines I loot first completely disappear for her.

Im thinking this is a bit of a glitch as im still able to loot everything she does first but not vice versa

(others hopefully correct me, if I am wrong)

  1. Machines often not being lootable for partners in co-op unfortunately is a thing, atm.
  2. Story/main quest progress will/should register for both players, if they are at the same point of progress - irrespective of the second player not picking up key items.

Currently, co-op is basically intended to work for Hosts with less progress being joined by players with more progress. If a lesser experienced player joins one that is further in the story, progress won’t register for the joining client player.

I do seem to remember, however, that I had the same issue in the beginning, starting with a buddy basically from scratch. My main mission progress would not register. But then it might be possible that in the 5 min it took me to join his game, he already had progressed and so I (less progress) was joining him having further progressed, even if it was just one step.

Well this is now taken a bit of a weird turn ,I have her hosting now and all seems to be running 98% properly. only had one glitch were the machine disappeared from my view after she looted it, and why I call it weird as this was first play/host after a fresh install on a new computer and files validated

BUT, I am guessing things have changed for planted weapons etc. Like the first rifle at the hunters cabin and shotgun in the church? as no matter what we try only one person can grab those now

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The in-world items are supposed to be player specific. If your partner picks it up, it will still appear to be in the world until you pick it up. Your single player pickups are carried over into co-op, and don’t affect your partner. This is my experience atm in co-op, and intended behaviour as far as I’m told.

Hi Flick, yes that’s what happened the first playthrough we did not long after game release, just started a new game again since all the updates and yeah literally only one person can grab the weapons that are sitting on the ground.

weapons loot boxes etc we can both grab from

Update to my earlier post: it can happen for both players that a killed enemy disappears or becomes unlootable. Not only the joining client. Just happened yeserday.

Re mission items: My guess would be that the devs are working on a stable solution, hence the changing behavior. I currently perceive it as this: Only one player can pick up mission items, be it main or side missions. And when I had been client and now return to my own world/map, all my unfinished side missions have reset, with the items being available again (unless I had already picked them up in my own world before, potentially leading to unfinishable missions such as the Hunter).

So to not mess things up I make sure to not have any open side missions before joining someone else’s world (side missions are usually easy/fast to finish). And I try to make sure that I let the Host pick up “his” side mission items (the ones that spawn in his world), to make sure I don’t mess anything up for him. Not sure, if that is necessary, but this “system” gives me some sort of guidelines and so far they have worked out.

EDIT: There appears to be one special case: the weapons explicitly mentioned on map markers. I have picked up a couple of marked weapons in co-op (as a client), and even though I still have them, the did not register as picked up when I had returned to my own world. This progress does not seem to be completable for me now.